Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for show, milk and pets


Welcome to the River Dance Farm

So glad you could stop by. The goats are so happy to greet you and take you inside the farm!


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Hi my name is Margie .

We are located in Southern Oregon in the town of Sprague River. We are aproximately 50 miles east of Klamath Falls. We raise our little nigerian dwarf goats with all our other animals which include Llama's, horses, 1 sheep and chickens. Dennis and I have much to keep us busy!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

These little nigerian dwarf goats offer so much versatility.  Raising these little miniature goats fits in perfectly with our life style. Nigerian Dwarf goats bring their wonderful disposition, manageable small size, gentleness and are easy to train.

 Nigerian dwarf goats have all the personality of big goats but in smaller and are easier to take care . So due to their smaller size they don't need as much room as other goats.    Nigerians are also friendly, you are the center of attention as these little guys know how to make you feel so welcomed! Our llama's sure love to keep an eye on these little guys as even they think they are fun to watch.

 Of course Nigerians have wonderful milk which is nutritious, and so wonderful for drinking, cheese making and soap making. Their milk is plentiful; producing between 2-6 pounds per day. Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats. They are absolutely perfect for the small farm that loves to be self sustaining. Nigerians have the creamiest milk, so it's great using it for ice cream or other  dairy products or just in your cooking for mashed potato's and gravy! We look at our time of milking as quality time with our ladies. They look forward to their own special time plus the extra grain is a real treat for them .

 We are on a strict CAE prevention program and all test negative. We do not do outside breedings.

 All goats come with a Certificate of Registration of Purebred Nigerian Dwarf, certified by the American Dairy Goat Association.  The goats are disbudded, have their shots, tatooed and registered before they leave. All our goats come from top established herds as you will see from there pedigrees. We breed to accomplish top dairy, show confirmation and very sweet temperaments.




Contact us at:

River Dance Farm          Sprague River, Oregon 

           Cell # 541 531-5471





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