Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for show, milk and pets

River Dance Farm


Pricing and Sales Policy

  Typically prices will be from:

DOES STARTING AT $250.00 - $350.00 - Depending on bloodlines and over all conformation

BUCKS STARTING AT $250.00 - $400.00. Depending on bloodlines, quality of dam's udder and overall conformity. Quality bucks are so essential in herd development and improvement; therefore, we will only sell boys as bucks if we would accept them as bucks for our own herd.

WETHERS . We sell wethers in pairs or with a doe - goats are not solitary animals; they need companionship. If purchasing a pair $85.00 or if purchasing 1 because you already have a goat that needs a buddy $50.00. If you are buying a doe and do not have any other goats, we will happily give you a wether if any are available.  Goats need companions. 

A $50 deposit will reserve a doe or buck kid.Deposits are only refunded in the unlikely event that the doe or buck should pass away for some unforseen reason. 

 If the kid is staying at River Dance Farm until fully weaned,we require payment in full by 8 weeks of age.

 When picking up your kid we request cash for the balance due. We also accept pay pal for your added convenience.

Once a kid leaves River Dance Farm, there are no guaranties or warrantees although we will always do our best to ensure happy homes for our goats and their owners.

10% Discount for FFA and 4H- That being said you must show proof you are in the FFA or 4H. 

20% Discounts for multiple goat purchases. ( 3 or more)

10% Discounts for Seniors Citizens.

The following are the responsibility of the buyer when applicable:

  • Health exam for goats being shipped or leaving the state

  • Health certificate for goats being shipped or leaving the state

  • Blood tests for individual states

  • Postage and handling on blood work

  • Kennels

  •  Payment in full of purchase price and timely payments as listed above

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact us via e-mail or phone  

 Margie McCoy

Farm 1-541-533-3141  Cell # 1-541-531-5471

Email: margie@riverdancefarm.com

River Dance Farm    Sprague River, Oregon