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Ali - Oops

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Retired 2012

 Alley Oops is Buckskin and white. She is our very special little Doe. She is known for delivering triplets. She is the herd queen to our little does. She is a very easy milker which makes if fun for me. Although Ali has her moments on the stand as she likes to have her way. She thinks she should be MY herd queen as well. That's o.k. because the job always gets done and we both have a smile. Her favorites are tostito corn chips and just a few raisons. But not till she finishes her hay and grain!!!! I have to have some say!


Cowgirls Dream


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This is our Little Cowgirls Dream. She comes to us from Miss Ali and Maestro. What a beautiful little buckskin with awesome blue eyes. She is very dairy and wonderful conformation. Thank you Ali for this little lady in your retirement year. We have 2 little ladies from Miss Ali. Bunny is Cowgirls Dream full sister.





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This is our little Bunny. She is buckskin with powder blue eyes. She has a beautiful long dairy neck and all around beautiful little doe. She comes to us from Maestro and Miss Ali-Oop. Yes she is a herd queen baby. She loves her attention and has such a vibrant personality. She is a very special little lady.





  Peaches is a beautiful little doe that is orange and white. She is very small little doe . She has very dairy characteristics and is very angular. She is very easy milker and surprises me all the time on how much she can produce for such a tiny little doe. Her favorite treat towards the end of milking is tostito corn chips. 





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 Nike is a beautiful doe and is cream and white in color. She is a very easy milker. She has such a capacious udder.

 This one gives 2 quarts a day. When you milk this one you better have some raisins at the end for her reward as she sure looks for them when she is finished!!!! She is only a bit spoiled.

Fancy Peaches


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Fancy Peaches is a very elegant and very dairy little lady. She comes to us from Maestro and Peaches. She has real spark in her personality which makes her such a fun little girl like her mother Peaches. She has such a strong willingness to please at every turn.


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Buttercup is a very cute little Red and black doe and a bit of white. She promises to be very dairy and angular, like her mother. (Peaches is a very elegant, lovely doe.) We're very pleased with Maestro's offspring, Peaches, her mother is such a great milk producer and we hope Buttercup will be just as wonderful.





Summer Brie


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Welcome Summer Brie. She is a wonderful little doe. She is white with chocolate overlay. She has wonderful dairy character and is very correct.

She is already a main attraction here with that viberant personality! We look forward to many years with this little girl and we will be seeing her in the breeding pool soon.




Crown Jewel


Crown Jewel is such a little sweety

She comes to us from Maestro and Peaches. She is very dairy and correct. She is so much like her mother that I just cant help but grin looking at her. Her mother is a fine milk producer and we will be seeing what this lady will do as well.


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Cherries Jubilee



 What a love this one is. She loves to give the kisses. She comes to us from Maestro and Peaches. She is very dairy and angular like her mother. She is such a treat to have here with her sister crown jewel. We are looking forward to see what this one does!


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Katey Girls Mist



This is our little Katey Girls Mist. She comes to us from Buttercup and Choco Mint. She is such an adorable little lady with a very shy personality. Her mother Buttercup is also very shy. Katey is very dairy and an all around beautiful little lady.



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